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Alena Nazarova

Project management expert, licensed hairstylist, Founder of N.A.S.consult


"When it seems that the goal is unachievable, do not change the goal - change your plan of action"

Alena Nazarova is the founder and the visionary behind N.A.S. Consult - the first of its kind platform and community for beauty industry professionals that offers quality education, career development tools and proven tactics to help jump-start and grow their business.

A practicing hairstylist who has always been looking for ways to enhance her knowledge, upgrade her skills and navigate the business side of styling more efficiently, Alena realized that there’s been a lack of community and resources to help beauty professionals advance in their careers. 

Combining her extensive experience in project management with her first-hand expertise in the beauty space, she decided to launch a platform that would unite beauty industry professionals and give them tools and resources to be successful in their careers and businesses. That’s how N.A.S. Consult was born in 2021. Today, it’s a thriving, knit-tight community of beauty industry professionals who are looking to take their career to the next level, upgrade their skills and turn their passion into a profitable business. 

Prior to her career in beauty, Alena served as a project manager at a leading global construction company. After growing through the ranks and becoming an award-winning expert during her 10+ year career in project management, Alena wanted to tap into her creativity and a life-long passion for beauty. She found her calling on a trip to New York City in 2014, and she knew she would want to call this city home one day and start her own beauty practice here.


Today Alena is:


A project management expert with 10+ years of experience.


Licensed hairstylist.


Professional beauty association member.


Project management institute member.

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